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IGB employees honored with Chancellor's Staff Excellence Award

Maeve Reilly

Sixteen academic professionals and civil service staff members, including two from the IGB, have received the Chancellor’s Staff Excellence Award recognizing exceptional perform

Beetle morphology influences fog droplet collection, researchers find

Shelby Lawson

In coastal arid regions where water sources are scarce, windborne fog droplets play a crucial role in sustaining life.

Alison Bell awarded Guggenheim Fellowship

Jodi Heckel

Two University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign professors have been awarded 2024 Guggenheim Fellowships.

Justine Story

Ananya Sen

Every year, the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology is awarded approximately $65 million in sponsored programs funding.

New interdisciplinary named research center established at IGB

Ananya Sen

The Bill and Julie Kellner Center for Neurogenomics, Behavior and Society will bring together a breadth of fields, including genomic biology, neuroscience, the social sciences,

Model suggests how ancient RNA may have gained self-cutting ability essential for life

Shelby Lawson

Scientists have long pondered the beginnings of life on Earth. One theory is that RNA, which is ubiquitous across all domains of life, played a central role in early life.

Can genetic genealogy restore family narratives disrupted by the transatlantic slave trade?

Diana Yates

Some political figures seek to remove references to slavery from the study of American history, adding to the vast knowledge gaps that stem from the transatlantic

Researchers discover a new natural product, a RiPP-fatty acid hybrid molecule

Shelby Lawson

Living organisms produce a diverse suite of natural products which can be harnessed for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

DayCent-CABBI: New Model Integrates Soil Microbes, Large Perennial Grasses

April Wendling, Anjali Yedavalli

Of all the carbon stored in ecosystems around the world, about half can be found in soils.

Darci Edmonson

Ananya Sen

The annual holiday party at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology is widely considered to be a must-attend event, and for good reason.

July STEM Career Exploration and Symposium at Illinois

Lauren Quinn

Undergraduate research will take center stage on July 26, 2024, during the

Newborn piglets serve as a model for studying influenza

Ananya Sen

Although prevention and treatment strategies are available for influenza, they are not sufficient for vulnerable populations such as young children and newborns.