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'Fettuccine' may be most obvious sign of life on Mars

Diana Yates

A rover scanning the surface of Mars for evidence of life might want to check for rocks that look like pasta, researchers

Breakthrough to measure plant improvements helps boost production

Claire Benjamin

An international team is using advanced tools to develop crops that give farmers more options for sustainably producing more food on less land.

Stephen Long Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Diana Yates

Stephen P.

Injections, exercise promote muscle regrowth after atrophy in mice

Diana Yates

By injecting cells that support blood vessel growth into muscles depleted by inactivity, researchers say they are able to help restore muscle mass lost as a result of immobility

Project aims to revive natural product discovery

Emily Scott

The mid-20th century was the golden age of natural product discovery. Scientists discovered groundbreaking drugs, like penicillin and tetracycline, from sources in nature.

Drugs reprogram genes in breast tumors to prevent endocrine resistance

Sharita Forrest

Treating breast tumors with two cancer drugs simultaneously may prevent endocrine resistance by attacking the disease along two separate gene pathways, scientists at the Univers

Reducing energy required to convert CO2 waste into valuable resources

Lois Yoksoulian

Surplus industrial carbon dioxide creates an opportunity to convert waste into a valuable commodity.

Smart antioxidant-containing polymer responds to body, environment

Lois Yoksoulian

Oxidants found within living organisms are byproducts of metabolism and are essential to wound-healing and immunity.

Low-calorie lactose sweetener gets manufacturing boost from yeast

Liz Ahlberg Touchstone

The quest to satisfy the sweet tooth without adding to the waistline has a new weapon in its arsenal: a strain of yeast that can metabolize lactose, the sugar in dairy products,

Microbes in human body swap genes, even across tissue boundaries

Diana Yates

Bacteria in the human body are sharing genes with one another at a higher rate than is typically seen in nature, and some of those genes appear to be traveling – independent of

World of Genomics coming to National Academy of Sciences Building

The IGB has partnered with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to present Family Science Day at the NAS Building: DecisionTown in the World of Geno

Illinois study identifies a key to soybean cyst nematode growth

Lauren Quinn

The soybean cyst nematode, one of the crop’s most destructive pests, isn’t like most of its wormy relatives.