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Genomics workshop equips judges with knowledge to navigate emerging legal questions

Shelby Lawson

Advances in genomics research and technology are providing a more comprehensive understanding of how our genetic code interacts with our environment to influence our health, beh

For middle schoolers at Pollen Power camp, curiosity blooms

Shelby Lawson

Plants are diverse organisms capable of communication, self-defense, and forming cooperative partnerships with insects; yet these remarkable abilities are often overlooked in th

Full STEAM ahead for science! Another year of STEAM TRAIN comes to completion

Shelby Lawson

What do marine ecosystems, worm regeneration, and a soccer-themed video game have in common?

Genome Day brings the wonders of genetics and nature to life

Kevin Neumann

From microorganisms and DNA extraction to poison frogs and lemon-scented ants, the Carl R.

Community-wide collaborative art piece features locally foraged flora and fauna

Shelby Lawson

Did you ever collect something from nature as a kid, preserving it to recall cherished memories later in time?

Wikipedia edit-a-thon event series seeks to increase STEM representation

Shelby Lawson

Women have made significant contributions in STEM, and have become increasingly prevalent in the STEM community.

Genomics for Faith discusses gene editing with local faith communities

Shelby Lawson

Technological advancements in genomics have led to major developments in the areas of medicine, energy, and agriculture, that are impacting society at large.

Pollen Power camp inspires new generation of budding young scientists

Shelby Lawson

Everyone knows about space camp, but have you heard of plant camp? Pollen Power summer camp, hosted by the Carl R.

STEAM TRAIN pulls into the station for another successful year

Shelby Lawson

An engineered bazooka designed to launch candy, a 3D-printed novel board game, an ecological experiment with fish, and a magnetically powered trebuchet.

Genomics for Faith kicks off, connecting scientists and faith members in the community

Shelby Lawson

Scientific and technological advancements, particularly in the area of genomics research, continue to penetrate nearly all areas of society.

New OLLI workshop focuses on genomics

Ananya Sen

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute has been partnering with the Carl R.