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Opportunities to Support

August 30, 2010

Opportunities for Contribution

You can support the IGB in two ways: with a current gift, or an endowment. Also known as outright gifts, current gifts provide immediate financial assistance to the IGB. Endowments, on the other hand, are a self-renewing resource that the University holds in perpetuity. These gifts are invested, and it's the earnings from these investments that support the IGB directly.

Both outright and endowed gifts can be donated for a specific purpose-perhaps to a research project that interests you, or a goal that you find particularly important-or given without restriction and to help the IGB meet pressing needs that may change over time.

Specific gifts allow you to decide exactly how your contribution will be used. You could ask that your gift be used for broad areas or specific projects, such as:

  • Research: Your contribution can support IGB research in general, or a specific Program Area or Research Theme. For more information on our research divisions, click here.
  • Faculty: Focusing your contribution on faculty enables the IGB to enhance our support for faculty salaries, research projects, and other academic expenses.
  • Students: Our undergraduate and graduate students are making advances alongside their faculty mentors. Fellowships that partially cover tuition or research allow us to attract the best students to Illinois and continue our mission of providing a world-class education to tomorrow's leaders.

With unrestricted gifts, we decide how to apply your contribution. Research priorities and needs do evolve quickly, and unrestricted gifts permit us to optimize our funds by putting them towards the projects that need them most. Your unrestricted contribution can be spread across a wide range of programs, maximizing the impact of your support.

August 30, 2010
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