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Core Facilities

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Core Facilities Staff

Photo of Glenn Fried

Glenn Fried Ph.D.

Director of Core Facilities
Room 128

Mayandi Sivaguru

Mayandi Sivaguru Ph.D.,Ph.D., 

Associate Director of Core Facilities*
Room 126

*See for training on any of the Microscopy and Imaging Facility instruments and Imaging Analysis Facility.

Austin Cyphersmith

Austin Cyphersmith Ph.D. 

Snr. Research Specialist in Life Sciences
Room 15

Kingsley A. Boateng

Kingsley Boateng Ph.D. 

Snr. Research Specialist for Core Facilities
Room 15

Xudong Guan

Xudong Guan Ph.D.

NMR Specialist*
Room 143

*See for help with NMR.

Katherine Janssen

Katherine Janssen M.S. 

Laboratory Research Manager
Room 109

Joyce Koeberlein

Joyce Koeberlein

Administrative Support*
Room 138

*See for account management or billing questions.


Hannah McClellan

Administrative Support*
Room 138

*See for account management or billing questions.


If you would like to be trained in this facility please fill out the training request form

The Core Facilities is located at the concourse level in the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. View a map to the Microscopy and Imaging Facility.

For more information about our facility, contact us: 244-0340.