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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Seeing White 
The Seeing White Podcast is an exploration of the origins of race as a concept and how this underpins structures and systems of oppression. Focusing specifically on the idea of whiteness, how it has evolved over time and how it reinforces systems of white supremacy.

One particular episode focuses on race science, how it developed, how it was used for political ends, and how genomic research makes a mockery of racial categories.

The 1619 podcast revisits US history from the perspective of slavery and racial oppression.

The most relevant episode to the IGB is the Land of Our Fathers Part I and II, dealing with how racial discrimination still impacts Black farmers today. 

Red Nation
"Land Grab Universities" episode on the Red Nation podcast. Covers the history of land grant institutions and how they benefit from and dependent on appropriation and of Native American land.



Ten simple rules for building an antiracist lab

Chaudhary VB, Berhe AA (2020) Ten simple rules for building an antiracist lab. PLoS Comput Biol 16(10): e1008210. 


Articles on Disabled Community in Science 

With 2020 being the 30th birthday of the ADA, the subject of the disabled community in science is overdue. Disabled individuals are much less represented in STEM than other activities. Many with disabilities still face multiple hurdles when accessing the workforce and/or high education.



Over 53% of PhDs are awarded to women. Yet, only 12% of recognized innovators in the United States are women. As of 2012, women accounted for ~17% of inventorships at universities. Women and underrepresented faculty, trainees and employees have technical skill and knowledge, yet their contributions are not patented at the same rate as those of their male counterparts. These statistics suggest that our organizations may not be capturing the full contribution of a large segment of our technical workforce - resulting in significant lost opportunity costs (e.g., unpatented inventions, delayed disclosures, etc.). The insights and perspectives of women are necessary to solve the monumental challenges our organizations face. The linked toolkits can help organizations move the needle on achieving gender parity in innovation. While these resources are geared towards inventorship, there are lots of practical suggestions that can be applied in a variety of settings.



The History of White People is an overview of the creation of whiteness. The text looks at whiteness through time and reveals the ways in which whiteness has been created and transformed through the centuries. 

Painter, N. I. (2010). The History of White People. W. W. Norton.