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Art of Science image titled Water

Scientist Collaborator Christopher A. Taylor

IGB Core Facilities & The Illinois Natural History Survey

NSI X5000 High Resolution MicroCT and rendered in 3D using Imaris 3D

Funded by the Illinois Natural History Survey

The shorthead redhorse, Moxostoma macrolepidotum, is commonly found in large creeks and rivers across Illinois. It is a member of the “sucker” family, Catostomidae, whose name originates from the ability to use their mouths to suck up
small food items usually found on creek and river bottoms. The original image sequence from left to right shows 3D renderings of the external surface (left), internal skeleton (middle), and color-coded external surfaces (right) measured by an X-ray CT scan.

The Illinois Natural History Survey contains specimens of fish that have been collected over the past 150 years. Since there is a wealth of history tied to these specimens, it is important to keep such collections alive because they allow us to ask important scientific questions. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, an actual specimen is worth exponentially more.

Sound by Anders Pollack