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Art of Science image titled Dimensional Transcendentalism
Dimensional Transcendentalism

Scientist Collaborators Charul Chadha, and Mayandi Sivaguru

Iwona Jasiuk Laboratory Group

NSI X-5000 3D CT system and rendered using the NSI efX software

A camera requires two opposite but interconnected facets: light and dark. It is a sealed box with a small hole that allows light to pass through onto a light-sensitive surface. Too much light causes a washed out photo and too little captures nothing. The piece evokes 19th century cameras, which had accordion-like bellows that helped the photographer capture objects from close quarters. The artist included her own drawings to add color and texture to the piece. The bricks have been layered with different opacities and set against a background of sunset images. The result mirrors our reaction to beautiful skies—a feeling of awe followed by a quick photo.

The original image is a computerized tomography (CT) scan of a stainless steel block that was manufactured by a 3D-printing process. The scan helps engineers determine defects produced in the material during the manufacturing process.