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Art of Science image titled Madder-Colored World
Madder-Colored World

Scientist Collaborators Shekhar Mishra, Garima Shukla

Inspiration for this piece and conversation is from educational non-profit component called Citizen’s Climate Education


For over 3000 years flags have been used as rallying points, giving people symbols for their causes. Flag design follows the key principles of simplicity and symbolism. The flag should be simple enough that a child can draw it from memory and yet should have an emblem that resonates with the general population.

Using the traditional Korean technique of making patchwork quilts–known as pojagi–the artist created this flag to represent the importance of fighting for our world. The balance of green and blue represent harmony between resources and life. This symmetry is enclosed in a yellow circle that depicts our efforts to deal with climate change. The black background is to remind us that in the vast universe, the Earth is the only home we have and we must protect its magic.

Prompt (optional) Think back to your experiences with climate change. What messages resonate with you? What ideas would you like to convey? What are your hopes and fears for the future generations that will have to deal with climate change? Reflect on these questions as you design your own flag for climate justice.