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Genomic Security and Privacy

The Genomic Security and Privacy theme studies advancing technologies with the aim of protecting the privacy and security of genomic information.


Over the past decade, advances in genomic technologies have enabled increased access to genomic information in a single biological sample. For example, many individuals have become interested in learning about their ancestry and understanding how their DNA can influence their health. However, in such situations, it is important to maintain privacy and uphold the ethics surrounding sample collection. The Genomic Security and Privacy (GSP) theme focuses on these problems by working with research areas that depend on genomic samples and helps oversee the ethics and security aspects of the information. These projects may additionally involve individual privacy and confidentiality of industrial and government data.


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From Leaders of the Theme

Recent years have seen a rise of a diverse collection of applications of genomics that have profound implications for individuals, society, and the future of mankind. Research on privacy-enhancing computer technologies for genomic data, forensic use of genomics by law enforcement and courts, and gene sequencing of the DNA of skeletons (paleobiology) are all in practice. Even cases where security and privacy issues do not appear to be an immediate concern, profound issues may still emerge. Paleobiology, as an example, can challenge deeply-held beliefs about human origins, political succession, and the respect that should be shown to deceased ancestors. GSP will link such diverse projects through IGB and connect the researchers involved to current and emerging cross-cutting ethical considerations. GSP researchers currently work with fields such as synthetic biology, reproductive health, ecology and global change, microbiome metabolic engineering, nanotechnology, and cancer treatment.



Carl Gunter

Carl Gunter

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Nikki Gentry

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