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About RBTE

Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering Theme (RBTE) scientists develop organ regeneration techniques in animals with success, and aim to translate these to humans

Organ malformation, damage, and failure, are the most common causes of human morbidity and death. Every year, more than 35,000 infants will be born with organ malformations, 100,000 people will have their limbs amputated, 5,000 people waiting for organs will die without receiving a transplant, and 1 million people will die from organ disease. The goal of the Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering Theme (RBTE) is to develop the knowledge base and technologies that are needed to replace or regenerate human tissues and organs, therefore solving these severe health issues. RBTE scientists use stem cell and developmental approaches to investigate how organs form and regenerate. Then, the scientists use the knowledge gained from those studies to regenerate tissues and organs in a series of model organisms, including animals. The final step is to translate their research from animal models into humans. With this multi-faceted approach, RBTE scientists are making major strides toward developing regenerative technologies that will positively impact the lives of the many people suffering from organ malformation, damage and failure.