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Genetic patterns of world’s farmed, domesticated foxes revealed via historical deep-dive

Lauren Quinn

Domesticated animals play a prominent role in our society, with two-thirds of American families enjoying the companionship of pets and many others relying on animal produc

Simulating blood flow dynamics for improved nanoparticle drug delivery

Amber Rose

Despite gaining a bad rap in mainstream media in recent years, nanoparticles have been successfully used for decades in targeted drug delivery systems.

For middle schoolers at Pollen Power camp, curiosity blooms

Shelby Lawson

Plants are diverse organisms capable of communication, self-defense, and forming cooperative partnerships with insects; yet these remarkable abilities are often overlooked in th

Illinois team awarded £1M for new technologies to help combat antimicrobial resistance

Trinity Challenge Communications

The Trinity Challenge recently announced four winning teams of its second competition aimed at tackling the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Researchers find genetic stability in a long-term Panamanian hybrid zone of manakins

Shelby Lawson

We often think of species as separate and distinct, but sometimes they can interbreed and create hybrids.

New COVID-19 rapid test employs DNA nets for superior accuracy, researchers say

Shelby Lawson

Rapid tests for COVID-19 have become a gold standard for virus testing, widely available at pharmacy chains and drug stores due to their low cost, speed, and ease of use.

Study links neighborhood violence, lung cancer progression

Diana Yates

Scientists have identified a potential driver of aggressive lung cancer tumors in patients who live in areas with high levels of violent crime.

From 'CyberSlug' to 'CyberOctopus': New AI explores, remembers, seeks novelty, overcomes obstacles

Diana Yates

By giving artificial intelligence simple associative learning rules based on the brain circuits that allow a sea slug to forage — and augmenting it with better epi

Gonadal function in male mice disrupted by prenatal risk factors

Ananya Sen

Researchers have consistently shown that prenatal exposure to Di (2-ethyhexyl) phthalate harms the reproductive system in male mice and causes fertility defects.

$14.8M Grant Supports Singapore Partnership on Precision Fermentation

Tony Mancuso

Feeding an ever-growing human population is one of the major grand challenges we face — especially with the impact agriculture can have on climate change.

IGB Profile: Marya Ornelas

Ananya Sen

The landscape surrounding the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is unlike anything else in the United States.