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Illinois IGB

Core Facilities

Lunch with the Core Archive - 2023

Spring 2023


March 1, 2023

"An Introduction to the Zeiss LSM 900: With Super-resolution and Deconvolution Capability" - Dr. Austin Cyphersmith, Assistant Director of Research Instrumentation, Core Facilities at IGB

Instrument: LSM 900 

Austin's talk:

March 8, 2023

"Computer services at the IGB" - Dan Davidson, Director of Computer and Network Resource Group - IGB

Topic: Computer Services

Dan's talk:

March 22, 2023

"Keyence Microscope Demo" - Scott Waddle

Instrument: Keyence Microscopes

March 29, 2023

"Identification of structural model of mammalian meiotic synaptonemal complex with super-resolution scope (MINFLUX)" - Reza Rajabi Toustani, Postdoc Research Associate, Department of Comparative Biosciences, College of Veterinary Medicine

Instrument: Minflux

April 5, 2023

"Crafting the Art of Science: a Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes" - Julia Pollack, Creative Program Manager, IGB

Topic: Art of Science

Julia's talk:

April 12, 2023

"Mechanics to microstructure: Image-based modeling of the extracellular matrix" - Callan Luetkemeyer, Adjunct Assistant Professor, The Grainger College of Engineering, MechSE

April 19, 2023

"Single cell spatial transcriptomic analysis of adult honeybee phenotypes" - Alex Schrader, Chemistry Doctoral Candidate, Han Lab

Instrument: Widefield Microscope



Fall 2023



September 20, 2023

"An Introduction to the Core Facilities" - Dr. Glenn Fried, Director of the IGB Core Facilities

 Instruments located in the Core Facilities can be found here.

Glenn's talk:

September 27, 2023

"Firing of in-vitro hippocampal neuronal network depends on the mechanical tension" - Md Saddam Hossain Joy, Graduate Teaching Assistant - Mechanical Science & Engineering

Instrument: LSM 880

Md Saddam Hossain Joy's talk:

October 11, 2023

"Super-Resolution Imaging of AMPA Receptors in Brain Tissue" - Rohit Vaidya, Graduate Research Assistant - Physics

Instrument: LSM 880 & Cryostat

Rohit's talk:

October 25, 2023

"Biocluster: New Features and New Computing" - Daniel Davidson

Topic: Biocluster

Dan's talk:


November 1, 2023

"Further Insights into Kinesin Motility Using MINFLUX: A Super-Resolution Nanoscopic Method (Kinesin Motility: Characterizing the Half-Steps and Backsteps)" - Devinda Pankaja Wijewardena, Grad. Research Asst. - Physics - Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Instrument: MINFLUX


November 8, 2023

"Volume Electron Microscopy: Concepts, Correlations and Computations" - Kedar Narayan, Ph.D - Senior Scientist, NIH 

Kedar's talk: